Working and Playing Hard in Kiev

Posted by Kamil Kupcewicz

The Time Machine for .NET team traveled to Kiev to spend a schedule packed debugging style trip. Filled with business, coding, beer and good times, it was a trip which will not be forgotten anytime soon. 

The Time Machine for .NET likes to work hard but they also like to play hard. This should not be a surprise to any developer who uses the Reverse Debugger, which goes back to the moment when errors occur in the code. Less time looking for bugs means more time to play. A trip to one of the hearts of the IT outsourcing world was in order, and as promised, they delivered good work and a good time.

Upon arriving in Kiev a big steak dinner was had with the guys from DevRain Solutions at Sam’s Steak house in Kiev. DevRain Soltuions is led by two Microsoft MVPs from Ukraine, Alex Krakovetskiy and Mykhailo Galushko. They specialize in mobile, desktop and cloud development and were awarded "Lead in mobile scenarios implementation on Windows Phone 8 platform" in 2013 by Microsoft Ukraine.

Dinner at Sam's Steak HouseA lot of wine and tasty food mixed with terrific company and lively conversation made the evening a great time. There is hope to visit Sam’s Steak House again sometime and it’s recommended it to anyone visiting Kiev.

Taking it easy in the morning, the Time Machine guys took their time getting over to California in Ukraine at the Kyiv National Library. California in Ukraine seeks to foster entrepreneurship and friendship between California in Ukraine, and they do so quite well. Also, partnering for the event with the very cool and talented InHacking in Kiev a workshop on Debugging was conducted by Time Machine’s R&D director Kamil Kupcewicz.

After the workshop, the party began. Time Machine for .NET sponsored a free pizza and beer after party at Gorky Pub which didn’t stop until two in the morning.

Pizza and beer meetup at Gorky Pub

Pizza and beer meetup at Gorky Pub

Pizza and beer meetup at Gorky Pub

Pizza and beer meetup at Gorky PubWith new friends made, and an awesome adventure under the belt, the Time Machine team departed Kiev the next day. Kiev is truly a wonderful city, filled with great high tech, and innovative people that know how to have a good time. We will be back soon!Download for free

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