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Silent Heroes-1

How RevDeBug approaches the Coronavirus crisis and supports IT in challenging times.

Posted by Tomasz Kruszewski

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, CIOs, CTOs and their IT departments are the silent heroes without whom many businesses would stop operating. We at  RevDeBug are here to support you in this challenging time!

Today’s job in the IT departments is harder than ever. They are at the forefront of supporting businesses in adjusting to the new reality. It’s not only keeping key systems alive but also adjusting them to the growing needs, especially when communication between teams and team members is impacted.  

Thanks to the IT folks we can work from home safely, do video calls, order food, use online services or pay for our shopping. Businesses can be run without major disruption. It’s a tough and important job. 

We truly understand this because for many years we were in the same situations. We know that sometimes it’s impossible to, at the same time, preserve high availability, ship new features and maintain high quality of the code. 

We built RevDeBug having those challenges in mind. In fact, we are changing a 30 years old paradigm of finding and fixing software errors. We are building technology which is rapidly accelerating the process of locating and solving software issues and making communication between testers and developers fast and predictable. It doesn’t matter if you are running your apps on cloud or on-premise, if your production system is crashing or you need to increase the quality of your staging - we want to help you at all stages of software development. 

As founders and RevDeBug team members, we are fully committed to making further investment to change the current status quo and deliver solutions which will make jobs of CTOs, CIOs and developers easier: 


We committed before to support the developer community by offering our extension for free and giving free usage of DevOps Monitor for Microsoft MVPs. Today in addition to that:

  • we extend free trial to 90-days with the possibility to extend that period when organizations are at need;
  • Free license for one year, one time setup fee $2,500 for Government & Public entities;
  • Free & unlimited license for all open source projects and NGOs;
  • 90% discount for startups less than three years old and less than 1 mln EUR in revenue.


In the coming days we will also publish our integration with Microsoft Teams to make it easier to control the health of your apps and act in time.

If you have other ideas how we could help you - let us know. We are more than happy to talk to you about it. 


Tomasz & Adam
RevDeBug Founders