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Fixing errors on production

Davinci Codes achieves true observability, rapidly finds and fixes errors in production.

Posted by Tom Makowski

Meet Davinci Codes

Davinci Codes is a software development house founded by Davinci Jeremie. Davinci is a highly regarded cryptocurrencies expert and a winner of the World Economic Forum 2019 Best Influencer prize. 

What problem does RevDeBug solve?

RevDeBug met Davinci Codes at the Microsoft Build conference. Davinci Codes were looking for a solution that could help them quickly reproduce and fix errors in production code. 

Historically, Davinci Codes have spent significant time tracking errors in code when developing new software for customers. The longer the time spent tracing and resolving code errors, the less time the development team has to spend on building new software and features for customers. Davinci Codes had tried to reduce the time spent by investing in traditional tools and debugging methods, but not seen an increased efficiency. After meeting with the RevDeBug team and seeing the platform in action, Davinci Codes saw that they could dramatically reduce time both reproducing and resolving errors in their production systems. 

Davinci Codes implemented RevDeBug making it possible to gather data about errors and recording crashes that occurred in production. Instead of guessing and trawling through logging data, they now had a 100% reproducer of every error and utilizing reverse debugging techniques allowed them to get to the root cause of every production error super fast. Having insights directly from production enabled them to rapidly understand user's issues, develop fast fixes and better support customers.

Following a successful proof of concept, Davinci Codes signed an enterprise license with RevDebug. "I knew that RevDeBug is what I needed the moment I met the team at the Microsoft Build conference. I'm a RevDeBug fan, and if you're developing in C#, I suggest you get it as well." - Davinci Jeremie, CEO of Davinci Codes

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Pandora's Wallet

Looking to the future, Davinci Codes are working on developing new products and capability, including Pandora's Wallet, a software wallet for managing multiple cryptocurrencies. Pandora's Wallet has been built on the .NET platform using Visual Studio IDE. It is directly connected to different exchanges, supporting the most popular 50 virtual currencies at the time of its writing this case study. The level of complexity means it is critical that any code errors are recognized and dealt with at speed. RevDeBug is deployed to deliver true observability across Pandora's Wallet production environment. 

To further improve Pandora's Wallet, Davinci Codes will create an additional option for users that are willing to help with the development by sending the data gathered with RevDeBug to the Azure cloud services, which will further help with finding and fixing errors. 

What makes RevDeBug better?

"RevDeBug allows us to record errors in production real-time and replay them offline in Visual Studio where we can go directly to the line of code where the error is. The Enterprise license, which we purchased, allows remote recording of user sessions in production. This product is the future of debugging." - Davinci Jeremie, CEO of Davinci Codes

Traditional observability tools that are focused on giving you details such as memory and CPU usage of your application. RevDeBug also allows you to go much deeper, to the real root cause of an error, by showing you exact variable values from production at every stage of the execution of the application.

"I love how helpful RevDeBug is when observing threads in projects that make use of multithreading. I can open a recording and go through each iteration to see what was happening when I was running an application. RevDeBug allows a great degree of customization and control of what and when I want to record. With the status panel and the methods of the API that it comes with." - Luis Valles, Software Developer at Davinci Codes

To find out more you can watch Davinci Jeremie talk about his experience with RevDeBug in his next YouTube video.



Looking to achieve true observability like Davinci Codes? 

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