Charmed by Denmark: Copenhagen GOTO Nights Meetup

Posted by Tom Makowski

The city of Copenhagen is of rich history and beauty. One could easily get lost studying the intricate designs of the architecture, public art displays, and elegant floral arrangements, all while enjoying the company of such a highly cultured people who enjoy riding bicycles everywhere.
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To be clear, however, that wasn't the reason we were late for the Meetup, it was more because Copenhagen is on military time, and we misread the time as 7 pm, not 17:00.

Grabbing our pizza to go (go-go-go!!!), The RevDeBug team ran about a mile across the streets of historic Copenhagen to the Trifork Offices following the GPS map to the destination.

Upon arrival, it was revealed that the hosts GOTO Copenhagen, got the tip that we would be (literally)running a little late and had already started doling out the generous amounts of pizza and beverages for the hungry audiences.

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The RevDeBug crew set up the stage of the presentation, and it was pretty clear that this was a very cool crowd. David Roberts joked around with the attendees and made introductions. Adam Kruszewski then went into the core of RevDeBug and its inner workings. Four examples of how the reverse debugger works were shown to the interested Meetup.

While the presentation was excellent (video to come!), and probably a dose of adrenaline made Adam give an even better performance, the best part came from the questions. The audience was well represented by knowledgeable members of the .NET community in Copenhagen, and the Q&A went way overtime allotted. This turned into a friendly conversation about debugging for another hour or so. In the end, our very patient and gracious hosts had to inform us that building security was insisting that we needed to wrap it up.

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Venturing out into the glorious evening in Denmark, we were joined by local .NET Developer, entrepreneur, and inventor Brian Sandberg. Brian led us around some of the coolest sights to see in Copenhagen, including "The Little Mermaid" statue and the Nayhvn district.

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Worn out from walking and running, we were greeted on the metro with notices that the route was closed for the night. Yet, still more friendly locals helped us out, and we navigated around the repairs on the buses provided.

The city of Copenhagen is a wonderful place, and the .NET Developer community is generous, knowledgeable, and welcoming. We then made out way to the airport for the next stop on our journey: Berlin.

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