Debugging Web Applications in .NET using RevDeBug

Posted by Tom Makowski

Numerous errors can occur when trying to debug a web application. Some of these involve relatively easy fixes, whereas others would benefit from using RevDeBug.
Microsoft has invested more in recent years to help developers identify and troubleshoot bugs in Visual Studio. Between their extensive library and Time Machine, most developers - even those with limited professional experience - should be able to fix bugs faster than before, thereby saving more time to ship and upgrade applications.

For example, what happens when you get an IP address error?

An IP address error can happen when Visual Studio attempts to auto-attach a web application to the wrong IP address. It can be easy to overlook the fact that a project should have a specific IP address. Otherwise, the runtime application changes the machine name to the localhost, causing an IP error. The fix is relatively simple.

Either use the manual Attach to Process in the debug menu, or change the IIS Web site identification setting.
The Internet Information Services (IIS) Admin Service is invaluable for publishing applications to the web. IIS Admin also controls security checks, which is why it is one of the first places you should look if a security check fails when IIS Admin doesn’t respond. Such fail is usually a result of an incomplete installation.

In this situation, you need to verify the service is running in Services and the Administrative Tools menu. Removing and re-installing IIS should correct this error, using the Add or Remove the Programs control panel. If an error persists, check the following registry, to ensure the program no longer exists:


Developers can also disable IIS using the Administrative Tools control panel. Once you take either of these steps, restart your machine and verify the security check works this time.

There are hundreds of other potential bugs, which is one reason we created RevDeBug. Errors evolve as programs and applications are built and iterate. Saving time trying to fix them means you can invest more time in creating new software and applications, which ultimately is the best use of time and resources.

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