Deploy RevDeBug: Benefits for Managers

Posted by Tom Makowski

During the previous few articles, we have talked about how RevDeBug saves developers from debugging nightmares and saves time. We have also explained the benefits of reverse debugging - compared to the headache inducing traditional method - from a developers perspective. 

We are a company of developers and technology specialists. It’s only natural that we consider how our product is used from the viewpoint of our end-user, since we designed this for them, after encountering the same problems ourselves. 

However, we are often asked, “Okay, so what about the business case?” Developers use our product, but managers make the decisions: How does RevDeBug help managers achieve their goals?

#1: Save Resources: Time

With the best will in the world, your team can only spend so much time creating and designing new products and features if they are also investing hours fixing bugs. Even patch-up jobs take time, thereby building technical debt into products.

Over time, short-term fixes, patching up problems and workarounds make products less effective for users and those working to make them better. Spend time wisely. Make sure your team is spending more of it making a product awesome, not fixing another bug. 

#2: Reduce Costs 

An old saying, but one that never goes out of style: Time is money. Developers, especially those with years of experience, are worth their weight in gold. But, again, they only have so much time in the day. They won’t create cool new features if they’re overtired, running on caffeine and energy drinks, which can happen when hunting down troublesome bugs.

RevDeBug saves time, which costs money, thereby ensuring companies are maximising their ROI from working with developers.

#3: Enhances Training Programs

New developers spend the most amount of time fixing bugs. They have the least experience; therefore it takes them longer to find solutions that a more experienced developer would spot sooner. Getting them using RevDeBug teaches good habits early on.

Not only that, but they will learn earlier in their career how to think from a consultative perspective, to think about a clients’ or users needs and create more value-driven products and services. 

#4: Spend Less on Outsourcing

Before we created RevDeBug, when we were busy, we had to spend a percentage of our budget outsourcing to other development companies. This ensured we hit deadlines for clients. Sometimes this was in the budget, whereas other times it cut into profit margins. No one wants to do this unless necessary.

Managers can deploy internal resources on bug fixing, using RevDeBug, while also focusing on features you are developing according to the client or internal deadlines. Finance directors also have reason to smile; since they can slash the outsourcing budget moving forward 

#5: Create More Value for Clients

The less time you spend fixing problems, the more time that you can invest solving strategic problems for clients. This will help position your firm as a consultative company, instead of simply a back-office for technical challenges. Think long term, which generates more revenue and profits; compared to fixing software and other lower-value technical issues for businesses.

With RevDeBug, managers, finally have the tool they need to ensure their teams are spending time wisely, for everyone's benefit.

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