Dotnet Leipzig Meetup

Posted by Tom Makowski

Departing Berlin on a Bus, the RevDeBug team hit the autobahn on the way to Leipzig for another Meetup. Naturally we chowed down at the bus stop on some tasty pizza and pasta to keep our strength up for the journey.

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 It should be noted that while driving on the world famous autobahn, buses are not allowed to go 100 miles per hour, that is a privilege for only the sportiest of cars. Watching them zip past our modestly paced bus was kind of a treat. 

Arriving in Leipzig, we can tell you that it is not a tourist oriented city. People live and work there, raising families while living comfortably. Leipzig struck us as the kind of calm place you’d want to settle down in. There even was someone who was raising a small farm of animals within the city limits.

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The event was hosted by Dotnet Leipzig Meetup. Due to there being another event in Germany for Dotnet developers, turnout was anticipated to be lower for this Meetup. Never wasting a good opportunity though, the organizers prepared plenty of cameras and recording equipment so this would be a first class recorded workshop.

Despite the lower turnout, the crowd had some good questions about reverse debugging and it made for a great video workshop.

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Afterwards of course we went out for Schnitzel and beer at a Joseph Pub. It was technically the start of Oktoberfest so a few beers were bad as well. As we had an early morning bus ride to Prague, we called it a night earlier than normal and bid our new friends at Dotnet Leipzig “auf wiedersehen”.


Leipzig #1Leipzig #2Leipzig #3

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