Good Times and Reverse Debugging: Developer Group Berlin

Posted by Tom Makowski

Arriving in Berlin on the morning of September 20th on a flight from Berlin, the RevDeBug team had some more time to get around.

The Airbnb was located in southeast Berlin, which boasted a multicultural Bohemian feel to it. Just about any cuisine can be found in this neighborhood, and countless numbers of languages heard. Hipsters sipped on locally brewed beers, and children played in the streets while we navigated our way to the apartment using Google maps. The apartment itself was located on the 6th floor of a no-elevator-apartment building, which left our arms feeling very buff and our lungs puffing upon arrival at the top.

Of course, being in Berlin and having a free day, meaning that this was too much of an excellent opportunity to see some sights. We set out walking and only ended when we reached the Reichstag. Among the great monuments visited was the Berlin Wall, the Radio tower, and The Brandenburg Gate. Besides, the new and locally invented "Currywurst" was also tried, with mixed opinions on the results. 

Berlin #1Berlin #2

The next evening it was time to get ready for the Developer Group Meetup. The event was hosted at Ayuda Media Systems and organized by the great Marco Rasp. Ayuda Media Systems paid for the beverages, and we ordered the pizza.

Now, at this point, we had some learning to do. It turns out that Google Chrome translating a page affected the purchase to be made, and we had to do without it. So when ordering the pizzas for the Meetup, we ended up being a little risky on some of the selections because we weren't well versed in our German pizza vocabulary. Luckily, it would turn out that quite a few people in Berlin like Tuna Fish on their pizza. Who knew?

Berlin #5Berlin #4

Berlin #3

Ayuda Media Systems operates out a very stylish office in Berlin. Their game room made the perfect place to host a cozy event on reverse debugging. Since the pizza arrived earlier than anticipated, we decided to open them up for the attendees at the beginning so they wouldn't get cold.

Adam Kruszewski, the inventor of RevDeBug, was introduced by David Roberts after a brief explanation of why RevDeBug is no longer called Time Machine for .NET. Adam went through several examples of Reverse Debugging using RevDeBug and then field questions from the highly professional and well-versed crowd.

Berlin #6Berlin #7 

Berlin #8Berlin #9


Berlin #10Berlin #11

Following a lively Q&A and more pizza and beers, given that it's Oktoberfest, the Meetup moved to the aptly named pub, "The Pub" for a few more rounds of reverse debugging and drinks.

Around 1:00 AM, after we all said our goodbyes, we returned safe and sound to our Airbnb apartment at the top of the apartment building in Southeast Berlin.

In the morning, we were to make our way to the bus stop for a meetup in Leipzig. However, due to an accident, the metro lines got blocked at the moment we needed to be getting to our bus.
Fortunately, yet again, a helpful local assisted us in navigating around the blockage, even rode with us several stops to get to another metro stop, which took us where we needed to go. Yet again, we were blessed by the kindness of strangers.

Berlin is truly an international city, with a .NET Meetup community that is a lot of fun and is working on some great projects. We hope to return again someday and that they enjoy the licenses to RevDeBug, which we gifted them. Huge thanks to Developer Group Berlin and Ayuda Media Systems for having us as their guests. 

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