3 Best Things to Do at Inspire Conference 2018

Posted by Michael Jedynak

Are you coming to the Microsoft Inspire Conference this year? If so, you may be wondering which sessions will turn out to be remarkable. In this short review, we will highlight the most exciting points of the program from our perspective.

How to add AI to your program and how to do it well.

Applications based on the mechanisms of artificial intelligence enter more and more aspects of our life. And it's no surprise that developers often want to expand their skills in the AI field. For all who are interested in this topic, conference organizers prepared many exciting sessions. For example, we would recommend the workshop of Mark Stuyt, which addresses this subject.

What connects DevOps and application security?

As we all know, the implementation of DevOps methodology significantly increases the quality of the software and shortens the time of developing its new versions. But how does it work with application security? You can find out at the speech of Surag Patels, "Revolutionizing application security using DevOps." He is the CSO of Contrast Security, a company that specializes in software security, so without a doubt, he knows the ropes.

Why, and how to add a black box to your application?

Do you know how an airplane black box works? It monitors and records everything that happens on the airplane. When it crashes, it shows you what led to the crash. RevDeBug is a technology based on that airplane black box principle - it gathers all the data about the root of the bug. It is designed to find the bug cause on the production, testing, and development environments. At this year's Inspire Conference, you'll be able to try this technology in your projects! 

RevDeBug team will be waiting for you at booth no.139

At our booth, you may also receive some fancy gifts like camera covers, stickers, and t-shirts!

We are so proud that this year we will also be a part of this fantastic conference. See you there, guys!

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