Newsletter #2 – We’ve done what You’ve asked for

Posted by Alice Gajos

At this years’ Microsoft Build Conference a lot of people asked us about a possibility to implement reverse debugging on their mobile projects. We are very proud to say that right now RevDeBug is compatible with Xamarin applications!

Smart mobile debugging on production

Compatibility with Xamarin applications is not the only thing which we have provided with latest update. New feature of RevDeBug: Crash Recorder, gives you ability to gain only this data from production which led directly to crash. Smaller file size, lower bandwidth usage, recording only what really matters. That’s only few of benefits of Crash Recorder that you can read more about here: How to debug mobile apps on production?

Killer Visual Studio IDE with reverse debugging

Innovation is the key for rapid improvement, wouldn’t you agree? One possible innovation for Visual Studio IDE is using extensions that offer new, improved functionality. Our new article post is a good way to get familiar with what reverse debugging is and the enormous possibilities for improvement it brings. Who doesn’t innovate - falls behind. Read on here Debug or RevDeBug

A real game changer - debugging on production
“Did you just say on production?!”

this sentence I often hear when I’m about to show how RevDeBug can allow to debug on production to our clients. Debug remotely, from your office or somewhere else in the world. Add Crash Recorder into a mix and you will start to wonder how could you live without it before. It would save you from hearing “but it works on my machine” ever again. Learn how to debug on production.

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