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Newsletter #3 - Smart FREE Visual Studio extension + Question about serverless

Posted by Alice Gajos

This time, in our newsletter, we introduce you to RevDeBug Prompter. A forever free feature of RevDeBug allows you to see the values right in your code during debugging sessions. How does it look?

Read on if you want to know more :-)

Revolution of RevDeBug Values Prompter

The ability to highlight the values in code with Visual Studio we gave to you as the first feature of RevDeBug. But as we all know - who don’t innovate - falls behind. That’s why we are so happy to announce that now it displays not only the value of current loop iteration but also does it from previous iterations and method calls. More info about this tool and the last changes you may find here.

In search of serverless users

We released the functionality of RevDeBug to support AWS Lambda for .NET Serverless Functions. It helps diagnose errors in your Lambda functions. Currently, we are looking for companies using AWS Lambda C# stack to gather some first case studies. Does anyone know such companies and even better - would be able to connect me? Perhaps you are using that tech yourself? I would be very grateful for your help! If you would like to know how this kind of case study looks like - visit this website.

15% of discount on RevDeBug for Developers

A software developer is learning whole life, so we have a special Back to School discount for you guys! Learn how to debug on production by implementing a reverse debugging technology to your projects with RevDeBug. Special promo code for you: RDB‑at‑school. Enjoy! :-)

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