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Posted by Tom Makowski

The day started out bright and early in a brisk aired morning in Leipzig, Germany, with a Taxi ride to the bus stop. After stocking up on some snacks for the trip, the RevDeBug team hopped a bus to Prague.

Prague #1Prague #2

Prague #3Prague #4

The countryside in Southeast Germany and the Western Czech Republic is hilly, lush green, and at times a little foggy. Winding mountain roads, distant ancient buildings dotting the mountain tops on the horizon, taking the bus for the 4-hour journey is highly recommended.

Arriving at last in Prague (though seriously with scenery like that, we weren't in any hurry), we made our way to the Airbnb near the town center. In a sort of happy coincidence, Airbnb was about 7 minutes' walk from the bus station, another 6 minutes to the Prague .NET Meetup being held at the NCR offices and 11 minutes to the Prague old town.

Prague #5Prague #7 

Prague #6

Naturally, we snapped into action after getting our gear dropped off at the apartment and made our way to the old town for some sightseeing.

After a couple hours, we zipped back to the classic bohemian café near the NCR offices, for some authentic Bohemian cuisine.

At the Prague .NET Meetup, organizer Jakub Jenis was ready to help get things set up and good to go. This time Adam Kruszewski had the advantage of three screens, so people further towards the back could see the data on the slides more easily. A good-sized crowd, with a lot of fascinating questions about reverse debugging.

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Prague #12Prague #14 

Prague #15

Afterward, it is Friday in Prague, and everyone had made plans, only a few people stuck around for Pizza and Beer. Boy howdy, did they have some great stories about debugging software!

Naturally, dinner was followed by an evening of sightseeing in Prague.Prague #16Prague #17

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. A city in which a person would take years to see all the interesting sights/sites. We offer a hearty thank you to Prague .NET Meetup and its highly professional and capable, organizer Jakub Jenis.

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