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How RevDeBug made a complicated challange simple - T Komp Case Study

Posted by RevDeBug

T Komp is an IT company making Document Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, assisting in implementing ISO standards. It has 24 years of experience, employing an average of 50 employees (mostly engineers) in multiple teams ranging from 4 to 8 developers. 

For almost a quarter of a century, T Komp has completed several hundred large projects for entities such as Philips, Bridgestone, Reckitt Benckiser, AEGON, ArcelorMittal, IKEA, Danone, and many more. Within the production, energy sectors, insurance, and others.

With the knowledge to work on the most complicated process, they are confident in all the ins and outs of software development, while using the best business strategies to their advantage.


Since T Komp clients are using its software for crucial company processes and ERP - all clients require rigorous service contracts – with substantial penalties if they could not fix the software error in a minimal amount of time. 

T Komp invested a significant amount over the years in the development teams, their constant monitoring and overview on the application, to eliminate software errors quickly, and effectively.

There was a need to meet this challenge without continuous investments in subsequent developers or service staff. All of this results in the non-ideal inefficiency of the developers' work translating into thousands of dollars lost per month. 

A few years ago, in one of the biggest insurance company clients, there was a problem. T Komp faced an issue, and the Service Level Agreement required them to act quickly on the software error, but finding a solution proved to be challenging. 

In the ideal world, investing in IT teams should allow us to easily keep the Service Level Agreements, reducing the financial penalty risks. This case proved, however, challenging to resolve. Despite the constant investment in employee training and improving code quality, as well as growing the maintenance team - it yielded no significant results. On top of that, it proved to be very difficult to identify the root cause of the problem, with no access to logs, the ability to download the database, or no way of recreating the production environment.

Many software houses are at risk of paying huge fines or even losing a client, and for sure, reputation if they cannot hold their Service Level Agreement. That was also the case here. Although T Komp hires the top-quality engineers, a few days of research proved no results.


"As a Development Team Manager, I am aware that most of the bug fixes are only a few lines of code. The biggest challenge is to know where to put them."Marcin Nawrocki, Chief Engineering Officer T Komp

Finding themselves dead in the water, we decided to use the first version of RevDeBug to identify what is the root cause of the issue.


As a rule, error correction is a few lines of program code, but finding a place where you should enter them can take days or even weeks of work for entire teams of developers.

RevDeBug is the platform that increases the availability of IT systems and speeds up the delivery of new functionalities to the market. We are building technology that is rapidly accelerating the process of locating and solving software issues and making communication between testers and developers fast and predictable. It doesn’t matter if you are running your apps on cloud or on-premise, if your production system is crashing or you need to increase the quality of your staging - we want to help you at all stages of software development.

It works like a flight recorder on the plane, recording all events from the system before the error occurs. Our patented technology is not only showing the errors but also gives a detailed recording of what happened in the system before the crash.


Today developers guess the problem cause, try to replicate the failure, and iterate if not successful. RevDeBug changes it to simple two steps - record and replay.

Searching and fixing errors can take up to 60% of developers’ working time. RevDeBug reduces it by half, which directly leads to significant savings.


In short, it helps CTOs, CIOs, and IT Directors in:

  • Increasing availability and reliability of IT systems;
  • Instant identification of the root causes of failure and finding the "weakest link" for cooperating systems;
  • Increasing productivity of development teams, shortening the testing time of  IT systems
  • Speeding up time-to-market for new systems and functionalities;
  • Mitigating risks (budgets increases, missed deadlines, contractual penalties, regulatory risks).

T Komp decided to utilize the ability to debug on production. They were releasing the updated version of their product compiled together with RevDeBug, with a hope for a breakthrough. After 15 minutes, they have already discovered what the source of the problem was.

"The team of our best people has been trying to figure out the problems’ root cause for almost three days – and nothing. We have used RevDeBug, and within 15 minutes, we already knew what the root of the problem was. It saved us a lot of money." - Marcin Nawrocki, Chief Engineering Officer T Komp

It was the first big test for RevDeBug, and T Komp proclaimed it as a life-saver. As the issue was related to the salary generation process of one of the largest insurance business companies, RevDeBug saved T Komp a large amount of reputation, financial, and legal sanctions. What usually would take three days – took 15 minutes.