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User Testimonial: AMCON SOFT

Posted by Tom Makowski

At the moment, RevDeBug is in the very early stage of launching, and we have released the product to a select few Software houses that have agreed to take part. Amconsoft was one of the first companies to sign up for early access and agreed to be profiled as an old user of Time Machine for .NET. Founded in 2004, Amconsoft specializes in software solutions, web development, mobile application development, and web design. Their skilled and creative professionals have launched many projects in various fields, namely in business, social, and entertainment spheres. Based in Ukraine, they manage to work with companies from all over the world as modern communication technologies have made distance less of a barrier to high-quality collaborations. The founders are CEO Artem Ramazanov, who has excellent experience in building different business models and marketing strategies, and CTO Vyacheslav Filonenko, who is a Senior Fullstack Developer with more than 15 years of professional experience. They are most proud of such projects as InstaboxAmbulette, and the Academy of Orthopedics

The team of developers at Amconsoft centers around the excellent management from their leaders, which helps foster a productive environment where working and learning are encouraged. More experienced team members mentor younger ones, which makes everyone look forward to coming to work day by day.

Thanks to many years of experience, Amconsoft sees everything that is going on in mobile and predicts upcoming trends. In the future, they are going to open an IT academy in Ukraine, to help give back to the community. They are also planning to establish new offices in the United States and Western Europe to be closer to western clients and markets.

At Amconsoft, they have an entire QA department dedicated to debugging the code and maintaining high quality. RevDeBug has helped Amconsoft to save time during testing and fixing bugs in their source codes by making it easier to find the root that caused errors in the code.

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