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Visiting leading Polish .NET hubs

Posted by Kamil Kupcewicz

RevDeBug tournée of Europe concludes in Poland.

We had concluded our European tour with visiting Warsaw and Wroclaw. Two leading of the .NET developer’s hubs in Poland. We had the honor to participate in the Warsaw .NET group’s 101st meeting. The group has a decade's worth of activities and meetings, well-done guys and gals! When they started the .NET group, Apple just reinvented the phone. Today no one leaves their home without one. That’s why we couldn't do any better than show how to reinvent debugging. The event was hosted at the University of Technology in Warsaw, a place with a long tradition of educating great IT professionals, and it was a marvelous experience to meet all those bright people and share ideas.

Wroclaw #1Wroclaw #2Wroclaw #3


Wroclaw #2

The questions we got from the audience were deep and thoughtful, and we had to go to the real nitty-gritty details on how RevDeBug does its magic. It inspired people so much we got back with tons of feedback and new ideas. Thanks. Wroclaw #7

In Wroclaw, for a difference, we exchanged the academia for a pub. The smaller room was tightly packed, but at least anyone could have a beer. Here also time for questions overshadowed the main demo and went over our allotted time, but we were in a pub, no one cared.

Thanks to all of you once again, we had a great time and lots of fun. We are crossing fingers for both of those strong groups!

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